Best Accessories For The Sony A6000 / A6300 / A6500

Must Have Accessories Sony A6000 & the A6500

With the ever-growing popularity of the Sony A6000, third party accessory companies all over the world have been putting out some fantastic gear for this camera. From cases to straps, I want to share some of the best accessories I use every day for my cameras that will work great for this camera and now the A6300.

Quite a few things have changed on the A6300 since the A6000. The camera now overall has been redesigned to be a mini super 35mm 4k monsters. Overall the body is a bit more ridged since it is now composed of magnesium alloy and there are some new changes to the overall dimensions, however most of the accessories, like batteries and screen protectors are still interchangable. The only thing that’s not are body cases.

I’ll be collecting more accessories and gear for my A6300, but for now I’ll list some of the best and most essential accessories I’ve found and that also work great on the A6000.



Sony A6000 / A6300 / A6500 Accessories And Gear

Starting with the fundamentals, there are so many brands of batteries and screen protectors, it can be very challenging to know whom to trust.

I’ve tested a few batteries and I’ve gone through a ton of screen protectors, so I’ll share with you the brands I’ve found that can be trusted.



Sony A6000 / A6300 / A6500 Screen Protectors

The A6000, A6300 and A6500 share the same size screen so any screen that you find for the A6000 will also work for the A6300 and the A6500.

The most important accessory every A6000, A6300 and A6500 owner should have is a screen protector. Sony has yet to put a great screen on any of their cameras ( in terms of glass ), so they seem to get beat up very easily. The main issue is the little bubbles that seem to appear under the glass as the camera is bumped around over the months and years of normal use, I’ve found screen protectors help alleviate this.

Expert Shield has been my favorite, although I also really like the Sony semi-hard screen. It’s slightly thicker and provides a little more ding protection.

Expert Shield Screen Protector Crystal Clear – (Amazon)

Expert Shield Screen Protector Anti-Glare – (Amazon)

Sony Screen Semi-Hard Protector – (Amazon)



Best Battery For The Sony A6000, A6300 & A6500

Third party batteries have come a long way over the years. I would say some brands like Wasabi put out batteries that are close or as good as the Sony brand batteries. The only thing you need to be careful with are the third party battery chargers. Just avoid them.

I highly recommend you always charge your battery with Sony chargers or in your camera. The reason is, Sony chargers have been designed to charge the batteries with the right amount of power needed to provide the batteries with a stable charge for the camera. I’ve had a lot of problems with my Wasabi charger on my other Sony cameras not giving the batteries a stable charge. I belive they use too much power and charge too quickly.

There are two types of batteries I’ve found Sony to make, Chinese made and Japanese made. The Japanese batteries are heavier and last longer but I haven’t been able to find them anymore and they no longer ship with Sony cameras. So the best battery for the Sony A6000 was the Japanese Sony battery (I guess discontinued). The Chinese version is also very good as is the Wasabi.

Sony Battery NP-FW50 – (Amazon)

Wasabi Battery For Sony NP-FW50 – (Amazon)



Memory Card For The Sony A6000 / A6300 / A6500

Sony Memory Card Speed Tests

You can find the Best Memory Card For The Sony A6000 Here.

You can find the Best Memory Card for The Sony A6300 Here.

I’ve yet to test memory cards in the A6500, I’ll likely perform that test in the next week or two, hopefully before 2017. In the mean time check out the tests frot he A6300 above. I can bet you it will be nearly identical.


Memory cards can be tricky for Sony cameras because of the restrictions the Video Codec has. As a quick summary, most cards work great for this camera as long as they are SDXC cards. Meaning they need to be 64GB or larger. Firmware update now allows the A7rII and A7sII to shoot XAVC with SDHC memory cards. Firmware could come soon to the A6000 and A6300 as well.

Check the links above, but otherwise here is a short list of cards that have been consistently giving people good results.

Sony 64GB SDXC UHS-I U3 – (Amazon)

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-I U3 – (Amazon)

Lexar 633x 64GB SDXC UHS-I U3 – (Amazon)



Memory Cards You Need For 4K video – A6300 / A6500 Only

To shoot 4k 100M you need a memory card that is SDXC meaning 64GB or larger, and U3 compatible. Any of the three memory cards above should work, but you should probably grab the Sony cards first. I’ve yet to hear of anyone having any issues with them yet.




Sony A6000 Cases

I still like to put all my cameras in some form of a case. It adds a little weight but just helps them last longer. I personally like Gariz because they work well with a tripod becasue of the metal base. Otherwise Kaza Deluxe makes my favorite case combo.

Sony Leather-Like Protective Case A6000 – (Amazon)

Gariz Leather Half Cases A6000 – (Amazon) Other Options – (Amazon)

Kaza Deluxe Vintage Combo


Sony A6300 & A6500 Cases

The body has changed slightly between these cameras, so the A6000 cases will not for the A6300.

Gariz Leather Half Case A6300Amazon

Kaza-Deluxe Leather Case Sony A6300Kaza-Deluxe

I’m pretty sure the body is the same between the A6500 and the A6300, I’ll try to confirm this when I get my hands on the camera.




Thumb Grips

I haven’t really felt the need for a thumbgrip on this camera, but some people do like them. They provide you with extra grip of the camera and sort of help keep your thumb off the buttons. Lensmate really makes the only thumbgrip I’ve ever liked.

Lensmate A6000 Thumb GripAmazon

Lensmate A6300 Thumb GripAmazon

Again the A6300 thumb grip should work for the A6500.


Battery Grip

There is a new Meike Battery grip available for the Sony A6300 that comes with a remote.

Meike Mk-A6300Amazon


Flash Diffuser

The flash on the A6300 and A6000 is a nice feature but it tends to generate too harsh of light. I recently purchased these diffusers designed for the A6000 and they also work for the A6300. They work suprisingly well when used indoors. My favorite in the kit is the clear one, it seems to work the best.

A6000 / A6300 / A6500 Flash Diffuser – Amazon



Wrist Straps

The Sony A6000, A6300 and A6500 are the right size to work great with a wrist strap, but you can also use a full strap. If you’re traveling around you might want a nice full strap just to let it hang, but if you use the camera as sort of a sidekick / around the house type camera, wrist straps work great.

Here are the wrist straps I’ve really liked over the years.

And I’m not affiliated with Gordy’s or Hard Graft. I just like their gear.

Gariz Leather Wrist Strap – (Amazon)

Gordy’s Wrist Strap – (

Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap – ( – See Review



Full Straps

I personally have fallen in love with leather straps. Here is a list of some of the most popular leathers straps.

I don’t make any profit off these links. Hard Graft sends me stuff from time to time but that’s it. I’m listing these because these I’ve personally used straps from these companies and trust the quality.

Leather Straps

Leicatime Deluxe Strap – (

This site is Legit, I promise. I have the Deluxe strap which as very soft leather and has an amazing handmade quality.

HardGraft Straps – (

I have their Re-Process strap that is amazing, but they have so many other cool straps now, so take a browse through their site.

Tap & Dye – (

Great straps, many with a more raw harder leather, but some with softer leather as well.


Non-Leather Straps

If you like straps that connect to the bottom of the cameras for a quick release, then C-Loop and Black Rapid make some nice stuff. C-Loop just put out a new strap that I haven’t tried yet but I’ll list it because it looks a lot more suited for the A6000 compared to their other straps.

C-Loop Camera Air Strap – (Amazon)

Black Rapid RS10SC – (Amazon)


Cleaning Supplies

There are a few cleaning supplies everyone should consider having. Air blowers, micro fiber wipes and a sensor brush.

99% of time if you’re sensor gets dirty you should use an air blower to clean it. If you find that a piece of dust is stuck to your sensor then I really have had great success with a sensor brush. I wouldn’t use anything else. Those are the “dry methods” for cleaning your sensor. I wouldn’t recommend using the wet method unless you’ve really done something bad to your sensor, like tried to blow dust off it with your mouth and got spit on it. I’ve done that and if that’s the case, you can get it cleaned at a camera store or for a similar price, buy all the supplies to do the wet cleaning method.

I buy Micro Fiber cleaning cloths in bulk now because they always get dirty and need to be replaced. It’s also nice to just grab a fresh cloth to clean your lenses.

Rocket Air Blower – (Amazon)

6-Pack Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths – (Amazon)

Sensor Brush APS-C – (Amazon)



Lenses And Adapters

A list of all the available APS-C lenses and Lens Adapters designed for the Sony E-Mount – Sony APS-C E-Mount Lens List


Lens Adapters

I’ve listed a few of the best lens adapters here, but I recommend checking out the E-Mount lens list above.



For Canon I was using the Metabones for a long time but it slowly began to diminish to the point where it would only work on manual lenses. I could have sent it in for repair but the shipping to Asia alone would have cost at least $50 dollars.

Now I use the Fotodiox. For a fraction of the price the Fotodiox is just as good in my opinion. And considering Metabones only has a 1 year limited warranty that does not include shipping fees, you might be better off with the Fotodiox.

Metabones EF to E Mount T Smart MK IV – (Amazon)

Fotodiox – EF to E Mount – (Amazon)



I don’t use Nikon lenses but my friend does. He has the Fotodiox on his A7sII, I messed with it for awhile and it seemed very solid and well built, no play. He also has zero complaints.

Metabones F to E Mount – (Amazon)

Fotodiox F to E Mount – (Amazon)



I love using my Leica mount lenses on my Sony cameras. Just keep in mind that they are full manual and your 35mm lens will have the field of view of 50mm with the A6000 APS-C sensor.

There are a few adapter options, I personally use the Voigtlander and love it. Novoflex makes some really high-end stuff, but it might be overkill for this.

There are also adapters with close focus controls. Many Leica and Voigtlander lenses have pretty bad minimum focus distances, so having a close focus adapter that can extend might come in handy.

Voigtlander M to E-Mount Adapter – (Amazon)

Voigtlander M to E-Mount Close Focus Adapter – (Amazon)

Novoflex M to E-Mount Adapter – (Amazon)

Fotodiox M to E-Mount Adapter – (Amazon)



Carrying Cases

I’m still working on testing out more carrying cases. I just can’t seem to find a lot that I really like. I’ve used a lot of Lowepro bags and backpacks, and they do work great but just aren’t that cool. I actually still use two Lowepro backpacks. But for smaller carrying bags I really like my Mirrorless Mover 20. It’s pretty much perfect for a small camera like this. You can fit the camera and maybe one or two small lenses.

For higher end bags, Ona makes some great stuff as well as Hard Graft.

Mirrorless Mover 20 – (Amazon)

They have other sizes as well, but I love this bag for light travel.

LowePro Fastpack 250 – (Amazon)

They’ve changed the style on this bag a few times now. I’ve had two of the three styles that I’ve seen. On my old one, the zipper for the laptop eventually broke so I upgraded. The main difference is, they moved the laptop insert pouch from the side to the top, and now back down to the side again. I prefer it on the top but It probably creates issues for some larger laptops.

LowePro Vertex 200 AW Backpack – (Amazon)

This is the backpack I use as my adventure bag. It’s big and heavy but holds all my stuff. It’s also all weather. I only wish it was lighter, but it’s a great bag.


Calibration And Color

I almost never talk about color calibration, but I really should and I encourage you to seriously consider it. It’s a game changer and an absolutely must have item for any photographer that’s halfway serious. Even if you don’t have great monitors, it does wonders.

I’ve used two color calibrators. The Spyder, and the i1 Pro.

I personally like the i1 Pro more, it’s a little faster and a little easier to use, however, they both produce very good results. At my work I use the Spyder3Elite at home I use the i1 Pro.  The i1 Pro was producing more consistent results between various monitors, but again I am using the older Spyder 3. The new Spyder5 has had some major improvements.

X-Rite i1 Display Pro – (Amazon)

There are a few bundles, and a few other options. This is the basic version. I bought the one that comes with the color checker passport that I was using to help me with lens review and other tech stuff like that. It’s also handy if you’re shooting something like wedding with two different cameras, or by two different brands. You probably don’t need the passport color checker unless you know you need it. If that makes sense.

Datacolor Spyder5Pro – (Amazon)

They have a few types, the Pro, Elite, and Express. But the difference is actually just in the software. Some allow you to calibrate your whole studio to match ambient light; express is geared more towards home use with simple color correction. The Pro model is probably your best choice if you’re serious about your colors. Otherwise if you just like to shoot for fun and want to make sure your monitor is properly balanced, the Express will be fine. I personally would use the Pro.



Must Have Accessories For The Sony A6000 / A6300 / A6500- Conclusions

This is a basic list of some of the best accessories I’ve found that I trust. I’m always testing new gear, new cameras and new technology and I’ll continue to update these lists with the best stuff. 

If you’ve found something you really like that you feel like it will make shooting with the A6000 a better experience for other photographers, please let me know.

Many of these links are affiliate Amazon links but also many are not. If something is good, I’ll list it even if I don’t get a commission. Ultimately, I want to make these lists the best, most complete lists of great accessories that make shopping for photographers a much easier and better experience and I will continue to expand the technology that powers this site to make things cleaner, simpler and faster. But it all takes time and money so buying your next accessory though one of these links does help me a lot.