Best Memory Card For The Sony RX1R II

Fastest Memory Card Sony RX1R II

The Sony RX1R II like the A7rII features a massive 42.2 megapixel sensor capable of taking very high resolution photos in both raw and uncompressed. Because of this high data rate, the camera is capable of outputting, it’s important to make sure you have the right memory card to keep yourself from waiting on buffer times.

This guide will help you find the fastest and the best memory card for the Sony RX1R II.


Camera Specs

Sensor: Full Frame 42MP / Processor: BIONZ X Image Processor

Sensor SD Memory Card Type: UHS-I

Continuous Burst: 5fps

Size of Buffer: 1GB

Uncompressed Shots Till Buffer Fills: 10

Est. Time Taken To Clear Buffer: 21 seconds with the Lexar 2000x


Sony RX1R II – Amazon / Adorama



Best SD Memory Cards For The Sony RX1R II

All the Sony mirrorless cameras at the time of the Sony RX1R II’s release had a memory card write speed bottleneck of around 32-35MB/s. This is because Sony is still using very old chips that manage the bus speed of the read write access to the memory cards. Although this is no fun, it likely contributes to low cost of their cameras and it’s likely to improve very soon.

Because of this bottleneck, most of the top brand memory cards perform almost the same, which you can find in the data below.


Sony RX1R II Memory Card Speed Chart

SD Memory Cards USB 3.0 Read USB 3.0 Write Sony RX1R II Write Speeds See Price
Lexar 64GB 2000x UHS-II 272.7 MB/s 244.5 MB/s 35.71 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Toshiba 64GB UHS-II 258.8 MB/s 226.5 MB/s 35.18 MB/s Amazon
Transcend 64GB UHS-II 290.2 MB/s 182.1 MB/s 35.11 MB/sS Amazon
Sony 64GB UHS-II 35.08 MB/s Amazon
Delkin 32GB UHS-II 253.5 MB/s 219.6 MB/s 35.01 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-II 260.5 MB/s 214.8 MB/s 34.82 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Lexar 64GB 1000x UHS-II 147.4 MB/s 78.4 MB/s 34.60 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 98.6 MB/s 90.8 MB/s 35.79 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Samsung Pro+ 64GB U3 97.5 MB/s 87.3 MB/s 35.57 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Samsung Pro 64GB U3 97.7 MB/s 78.6 MB/s 35.52 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
PNY 64GB U1 96.5 MB/s 66.5 MB/s 35.46 MB/s Amazon
Sandisk Extreme Plus 64GB U3 99.0 MB/s 64.4 MB/s 35.45 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Kingston 64GB U3 98.1 MB/s 90.4 MB/s 35.35 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Sandisk Extreme 64GB U3 72.43 MB/s 54.1 MB/s 35.32 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
PNY 64GB U3 96.5 MB/s 66.1 MB/s 34.58 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Samsung Pro 64GB U1 96.3 MB/s 82.2 MB/s 34.57 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Transcend 64GB U3 96.7 MB/s 68.4 MB/s 34.34 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Lexar 600x 64GB U1 95.4 MB/s 64.8 MB/s 33.78 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Lexar 633x 64GB U3 93.3 MB/s 67.3 MB/s 33.51 MB/s Amazon / Adorama
Sony 64GB U3 96.5 MB/s 84.5 MB/s 32.97 MB/s Amazon
Samsung 64GB U1 EVO 47.7 MB/s 27.3 MB/s 21.46 MB/s Amazon / Adorama


Since the disparity between the cards is almost negligible, finding the best card really becomes a thing of looking at USB 3.0 read write speeds as well as warranty.


Fastest UHS-II Memory Cards For The Sony RX1R II

Lexar 64GB 2000x UHS-II  – Amazon / Adorama

Toshiba 64GB UHS-II  – Amazon


Fastest UHS-I Memory Cards For The Sony RX1R II

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 – Amazon / Adorama

Samsung Pro+ 64GB U3 – Amazon / Adorama


My Personal Recommendation For The Sony RX1 II

Although the newest Sony card isn’t that fast compared to the other cards, it’s only marginally slower and from my experience they seem to perform better when it comes to shooting video in most Sony cameras. Or what I mean is, the camera is not as likely to reject them.

Sony 64GB U3 UHS-I – Amazon

Sony 64GB UHS-II – Amazon



Best SD Memory Card For Video In The RX1R II

If shooting video is your thing I recommend sticking with Sony brand cards. For some reason Sony cameras just don’t like some cards and the camera will reject the card when trying to shoot video. I don’t know why, it seems to functions on a per camera bases not a per card basis. Meaning, my Lexar 633x will work fine in some Sony cameras I rent, but not others.

To eliminate any frustration just stick with Sony brand cards if you’re planning to shoot video.

Most Sony cameras use to require SDXC memory cards, meaning 64GB or higher. But lately Sony has been putting out firmware to fix this. So to eliminate any potential headache, be sure to buy a SDXC memory card that is type U3.

Sony 64GB U3 – Amazon



Fastest Memory Cards Are Not Always The Best

Currently there are several different types of flash memory on the market. Some read and write faster, while some read and write slower but are rated with more life cycles. And then there are some that are fast with a high cycle count. 

What’s this mean?

Flash memory is rated typically from 5,000 cycles with old cards to 30,000+ cycles with new cards. Some types of flash memory can even last up to 100,000 cycles. This number of course is always going up as technology improves, but it plays an important role in choosing the best memory card for your needs, especially if you take a lot of photos.

I personally take about 20,000 photos a year. So if I had an old memory card that was rated for only 5,000 cycles, it could start to run into issues with corrupted shots and it happens sometimes when I’m doing these memory card speed tests even with new cards. This is why some memory cards only have a 1-year warranty. They’re be good for high intensity use for about 30,000 shots. 

Unfortunetly cards manufacturers usually don’t tell you what kind of flash memory they are using and many of them offer limited lifetime warranties, so you’re stuck not really knowing how long your card can really last.

This is why I still just recommend buying the fastest memory card at a price you’re comfortable with. Espeically if you consider how inexpensive the cards are getting.



UHS-II Memory Cards are they worth it and will they work?

Short answer is yes, they will work in the RX1R II, but with limited speeds. However, if you’re a casual shooter, they probably won’t be worth the higher price.

Right now UHS-II SD memory cards are the fastest you can buy, but few cameras can take advantage of them.  If you like to buy large cards and find yourself filling them up a lot, then those UHS-II speeds can really benefit you when it comes to transferring the data to your computer. Really nice for studio photographers.

Be sure if you do get UHS-II cards to also get a UHS-II capable memory card reader found here. And also make sure you have either a Raid or an SSD to dump the data too otherwise those UHS-II transfer speeds won’t matter because you’re bottleneck will be with your hdd.




Best Memory Card For The Sony RX1R II – The Bottom Line

If you want a card that’s blazing fast at USB 3.0 transfer speeds to your computer, then go with a UHS-II memory card. If you want the fastest camera at the best price, stick with UHS-I. If you want a card that will last you for years, be sure to look at the warranties. A higher warranty usually means better lifetime flash cycles, which means more photos taken over the years without risk of corruption. 

For Sony cameras I usually just stick with UHS-I cards, since they’re not very expensive and always coming down in price.