Lightroom Presets - Retro Collection

Currently not available. You can email me at [email protected] and I can get you something soon.

The Retro Collection

Amazing Retro Preset Addition to Lightroom 5

My favorite set of presets I've created for my travel photography. You can get that old film retro look out of your Lightroom Presets with just one click. 

I've spent months polishing and refining the Retro Collection to make sure they provide a unique and cool look on almost any photo put before them. Something that I never get with other presets. On any particular photo most looks will give you that interesting old vintage look, and some can be stunning.

I use them on almost all my landscape photos and travel photos to give me a starting look. Then I tweak the curves to give me more or less of the effect. They are also great for everyday photography or photos of friends and family where you just want your images to have a quick and cool look to export and share. I personally love them and I believe you will too.

These are available only by digital download for Lightroom 4 or greater. Once you purchase them with PayPal you'll be sent login information where you can come to the site and download them anytime.

If you purchase by credit card without loging into Paypal, be sure that you click the link that prompts you to return to this site when the order is complete. 


Samples of The Retro Collection


Valley of Yosemite. Just a thin slice of this awesome natural and amazing part of the world.

The Great Monuments of Yosemite.  A telephoto shoot of a few of the great monuments of Yosemite Valley in California.

Floral Photography

Purple Daisies These are some perfectly bloomed Purple Daises from when I was up near Pismo Beach. Everything is so green and in bloom and colorful up there in the spring. It's so impressive.

Bali Plameria  When I was in Bali last year the Plumerias were blooming. I'm not a huge flower photographer since that's a whole art in itself but I took this opportunity to get a few nice shots when I could.

Travel Photography

Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley Another shot of the amazing multicolored dunes in Death Valley. These are the mesquite dunes. Everyone always asks me if it was hot when I was there. It was hot, but not that hot. It was probably mid to upper 80's in this particular spot. It was warm and I made sure to bring gatorade. March was a good time to go. Check out to see more of my adventures

HDR Photography


Kanmonkyo Bridge, Japan. The bridge connecting the main island of Japan to the southern Island.

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