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Download these free Photomatix Presets for your HDR photography. And please Like and +1 this page or share on twitter when you're done. It massively helps me out. Thanks!

Free Photomatix Presets

These are the same presets I use and have created for all of my HDR Photography. My process always starts by selecting a presets that best matches the look I'm going for. Then I'll make some minor adjustments to fine tune the look.

Please do not use these presets to repackage and sell as you're own. If you want to share these presets with someone, just link them to this page. Thank you!

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What You Get

The HDR Collection is a collection of various Free Photomatix presets for HDR Photography. There over 25 different looks to enhance your HDR photography in ways that are not possible with the default presets. 

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Installation Instructions

I was thinking of creating a detailed instructional post on how to install these things. But I found this great one on youtube already. 

Free Photomatix Preset Sample HDR Photos

 Bali Rice Fields, These are some of the Rice Fields of Bali Indonesia. This is the view from the famous Sari Organik Cafe.Read more about this at Bali Local Market, This place was awesome. Lots of rats, but awesome. There is so much color and texture and craftsmanship. Only an HDR photo could do this justice. The Walt Disney Concert HallThis is probably the coolest building in Los Angeles. It was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry in 1991 and construction began in 1999.I went out to shoot this location in HDR. I was really hoping it would rain to get , nice slick reflections on the ground but the opposite happened. The weather cleared up giving me nice skies which I'm also happy with. Read more about this photo of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and my HDR method at Palm in the Fields, Walking through the rice fields of Bali was an awesome experience. Everywhere you looked it was so beautiful and clean.

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