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Los Angeles And The Observatory – Canon 5DSR

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Los Angeles behind the Griffith Observatory

This is a quick shot of the Observatory. I wanted to test out the Canon 5DSR so I hiked up the mountain overlooking Los Angeles. This was my first time up and wow, what a view!

If you ever visit Los Angeles this is something you must do. Just bring a long lens. I shot this with the Canon 70-200 but did a pretty mean crop. But hey, that’s what having 50 megapixels is for right?

There are also a lot of different angles from a lot of different places you can shoot this from. This is just the first one I picked.

Fastest Memory Cards For The Canon 5DS R

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Should I use SD cards or CF cards?

When it comes to speed, the CF cards are very quick, about 15 MB/s faster at writing data in camera. But is it worth the extra price? That’s for you to decide, but first check out the memory card speed tests to make sure you’re using the fastest cards in your camera.


Best Accessories For Your Canon 5Ds / 5Ds r

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Although the Canon 5DS R does almost everything you could ask for out of the box, there are a few accessories you should consider grabbing to extend the life or functionality of your camera.