Canon M5

Best Memory Cards For The Canon M5

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For Canon shooters looking to finally make the leap into a mirrorless camera, the Canon M5 is it! I really fell in love with the camera in the short time I had it. Using the touching screen to adjust the focus, the menu interface, button layout, and really just everything about this whole package is awesome.

My only complaint is no 4k video which is too bad. I imagine the reason it wasn’t included is that Canon has yet to really develop a great codec that doesn’t require a huge memory bandwidth. For example the Canon 5D IV shoots 4k at 500MB/s. After testing the SD memory cards in this camera, you would have a hard time hit speeds fast enough to support that.

Regardless, memory card speeds in this camera were still impressive, especially compared to what Sony offers.

Use this guide to find the best performing memory cards for the Canon M5.

Must Have Accessories For The Canon M5

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Did Canon finally figure out how to make an awesome mirrorless camera? It looks that way.

After testing the camera for a few days, I immediately fell in love. There are a few things felt cheap, or could be improved, but adding a few third party accessories or even Canon accessories could go a long way in improving the handling, look and performance of this camera.

Although I don’t own this camera, I’ll share with you some great brands of accessories I use for the cameras I do own, as well as other cool accessories I find and use that are sort of camera universal, like leather straps.