Canon T6i

Must Have Accessories For The Canon T6 / T6i / T6s

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There are now three models of the Canon T6. The T6i, the T6s and the regular T6. They are all featured slightly different to compete at different price points. After using each camera I can say that they do perform and feel slightly different. However, when it comes to accessories they pretty much all share the same gear. Which is cool. 

So for this guide I’ll point you to all the best accessories for the Canon T6, T6i and T6s.

Best Canon T6i Memory Cards

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The Canon T6i (or the Canon 750D) is the less expensive little brother to the T6s and the T6i. When it comes to memory card write speeds, the T6i performs about the same as the other two models. Like the other T6 and T6s, the T6i does not have a very large buffer, so it will be important to get the fastest memory card you can in order to avoid wait time when clearing the buffer.

See the memory card speed test below.