02. Retro Look with Lightroom

The Retro Look Tutorial will cover how to achieve that  popular smart phone Old Film that you see blasted all over facebook. The primary tools used here are Curves and Split Tones.

Tutorial Overview

– Curves Tool to Create a Washed Out Look
– Curves Tool to Create Tint and Color Shifts.
– Split Tones Tool to Shift Colors

Useful Hotkeys

Increase and Decrease Values  – Up & Down Arrow Keys

Other Resources

3 Steps to using the Retro Tones in Photoshop

Software Used
Adobe Lightroom 4


The Retro Look Tutorial with Lightroom

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Sample Photos

These are some samples of Photos I’ve processed using the this Retro Look. These were created with the Retro Preset Collection. Check em out!

Kanmonkyo Bridge, Japan. The bridge connecting the main island of Japan to the southern Island.


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