10 Photography Predictions For 2015

Shot with the Fuji X100T

If you thought 2014 was a crazy year for photography then 2015 will be really interesting. Based on what I’ve been seeing on all the rumors sites and what came to fruition these last four years, I think there are going to be some very big changes in the photography world.

Before you go out and buy your next camera, take a look at some of these predictions and see if they will effect you.

Here are my top 10 photography predictions for 2015.


1. Ultra High Megapixel Cameras

in 2012 and 2013 we were introduced the 36 megapixel Nikon D800 and the Sony A7r. Then the D810. The sensors performed great and photographers around the world embraced them. Including myself. I love the image quality from my Sony A7r.

But this is year it’s Canons turn. Expect to see something between 40-50 megapixels from Canon in 2015. They’ve been testing one for years and I think it’s ready. My guess is it will probably be in the Canon 5DmkIV body.

This new sensor will likely share a lot of the qualities and pixel density of the Canon 7Dmkii sensor except it will be full frame. Technology is already there, they just have to make it bigger and at an affordable price.

Sony and Nikon will also release a newer higher megapixel camera. Likely in the 40’s. I think this will be the last time we see megapixel hikes like this in Full Frame. Lenses have a limit of resolution they output, in APS-C it’s about 25 megapixels, full frame it’s 40-50 megapixels which is why I think medium format will slowly become more popular as it gets more accessible.

2. More Competition In The Ultra Wide Prime & Zoom Market

This year the Nikor 12-24mm f/2.8 lens will be dethroned. Either by the new Tamron 15-30mm lens, or the new rumors Canon 11-24mm lens. Zeiss might have some new ultra wide primes for us in the Sony E mount as well. And who knows what Sigma is brewing. Hopefully an Ultrawide Prime. There is a general lack of good full frame ultra wide lenses today.

3. More Megapixels In A Fuji Mirrorless Camera

This year we’ll see Fuji release an APS-C camera with a megapixel count somewhere in the range of 20-25mp. Whatever camera this is, (likely the Fuji X-Pro2) it will be a very hot camera and will give Fuji a better grip on the mainstream APS-C market. I really think the reason Fuji is still an underdog is because people think they need more than the 16 megapixels Fuji currently offers.

When Fuji makes this higher megapixel X-Pro 2, it will be the go to APS-C camera I think. Sony’s A6000 will finally have some solid competition. Not to say that current Fuji cameras aren’t competition, they are, it’s just that 16MP sensor does not play well with marketing psychology. You can see how I’ve been using my FujiX100T here.

4. Fixed Lens Medium Format Camera

This year I bet we are going see a fixed lens medium format camera. At least in an announcement. I hope. My guess is Sony will be the first one to do it. It will probably be something like the Sony RX1.

I only say this because I believe Sony will want to test the market to see if photographers would go for something like this. And now is the time with Sony already having a CMOS 50mp medium format sensor that’s currently in some Phase One and Hasselblad cameras. The tech is there and I believe CMOS medium format will be the wave of the future.

5. 4K Everywhere

We’ll see more mainstream camera developers putting 4k internal recording in there DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The Sony A7SII will probably have a built in sensor stabilizer, improved rolling shutter (possibly global shutter) and 4k internal recording. The next big Canon DSLR will likely have 4k video as well.

6. Expanded Mirrorless Market

More cameras from Sony, probably a entry FF mirrorless. Canon and Nikon will likely give mirrorless another attempt with something completely different, but this time they might not fail. And Fuji will refresh some of there cameras with a new sensor. But no full frame from Fuji in 2015 since they would have to build all new lenses.

7. Photo Tourism Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

When traveling to the hot spots, expect longer lines, more people, more tripods. It’s going to get messy. If you want to take a picture of “the tree” in Portland, expect to wait in line. Time to start getting creative and finding fresh locations. 🙂

8. Drones, Drones, Drones

You’re going to see more drones, cheaper, faster, better, smaller. You’ll probably end up even buying one in 2015 even though right now you don’t think you need it.

We will also see a GoPro Drone in 2015. And more restrictions / regulations on drone flying.

9. More Wearable Devices With Cameras

We’ll start seeing more prototypes for things like Google glass, smart watches with cameras, rings etc. Although we saw a lot of this in 2014, the microprocessors still needed to improve a bit more to make them awesome.

I think for wearable tech, the big thing in 2015 will be watches and fit bands. Some with cameras, most probably without.

Remember when GoPro was only a wearable wrist still camera?

10. More GoPro Style Action Cameras

After GoPro’s 400% stock rally last year, big corporations took notice. The market is still huge and China has barely been touched. This year we’re going to see GoPro ripoffs everywhere, like the Kodak SP360. Samsung will likely try to capture a piece and China will make a few clones. Many of these companies will build some really good cameras, likely better than the GoPro, but nobody will be able to compete with GoPro’s brilliant marketing strategy and it will be awhile before GoPro is dethroned, if ever at all. I personally think Apple will buy them. Maybe Google. Hopefully not Facebook.

My 2015 Photography Predictions Conclusions

It’s no doubt the next five years are going to be very interesting in photography, organic sensors, medium format, and improved microprocessors. The problem is, camera technology is already so good, that there will hardly be reason to upgrade if you’ve recently purchased a camera. So moving forward into 2015 and on, I believe we will start to see some really cool innovation that will better help us integrate photography into our daily life. And that will be the overall theme for 2015.

Those are my 10 photography predictions for 2015. What are some of yours?


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