37 Days In Japan Coming Soon

The countdown begins. In just 3 days I'll be going on a 37 day trip to Japan and I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures with my Sony A7r.

My trip will take me to Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Okanawa. Maybe with a few other cities here and there.

My goal on this trip is to document each day with photos and experiences to give people an idea of what Japan is like on a day to day level.

I'll be doing the tourist thing, but also staying with family for a few weeks and doing the local thing. I'll be eating strange foods, and driving cool places. Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it's always a very exciting place to visit especially during the cherry blossom season which is happening now!

I often hear people say the strangest things about Japan, mainly from what they read, and mainly from what happens in Tokyo. To me, that's like going to New York City and generalizing all of America based on what happens there. It's just not accurate. So get ready, I know I'm not. Still haven't even done my taxes. Be sure to follow 37 Days in Japan here.

This Photo Is From Miyajima Japan

A small Island off Hiroshima. Took it many years ago with the Canon 5Dmkii. This trip I'll be shooting exclusively with my Sony A7r.

Miyajima TempleThis structure is part of a large temple that sits on a small island just outside of Hiroshima. Miyajima means shrine island. Tame wild deer roam freely and Edo-Era Japanese architecture is everywhere. The Buddhist shrines and Shinto Temples are still well kept and maintain a close relationship.From the daily photo blog: https://alikgriffin.com


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