5 Features The 2015 Sony Pro E-Mount Camera Must Have

Sony Rumored 2015 Mirrorles E Mount Camera

A recent rumor has revealed that the next generation Sony E-mount cameras on the horizon. And this time they’re focused on the pro market.

If you’re looking to pick up a Sony A7 or A7r, you should probably check out this rumor and see what 5 technology photographers may expect to see in these new rumored Sony FE cameras.

The Rumored Next Gen Full Frame E-Mount

2014 was a great year for Sony and now they want to put all there resources towards something for the high end professionals and that’s what this rumors is all about.

Before I get into the features these new rumored pro mirrorless e-mount cameras may have, here’s a little about the rumor:

The rumor posted on SAR mentioned something about Sony putting all there resources into a new professional full frame FE camera with a brand new sensor and top of the line build quality.

For all the Sony fans this means a camera that is built Ford tough, maybe like a Canon, Nikon or Pentax.

Highlights To The 2015 Full Frame E-Mount Rumors

– New generation redesigned camera, built from the ground up.

– All new full frame sensor. Probably just the D810 sensor with micro lens adjustments. 

– Better Autofocus. Like the A6000

– Made for the Pro Market. So I guess that settles it. The Sony A7r & A7 were not intended for pros?

– We will get a first look at this camera Feb 2015


5 Features The 2015 Sony Pro Mirrorless E-Mount Camera Needs

1. Better build quality

Buttons that last over a year. (I’ve had two go bad now on my A7r)

Better LCD screens that aren’t made from cheap plastic that scratch easily and have adhesive separation problems like the RX1, A6000 and the A7’s. Gorrilla glass would be nice.

A camera that can be dropped from a few feet without worry about it shattering into pieces. Like a Canon or Nikon.

Not sure if this is possible, but stronger glass over the sensor would be great. Many people are scratching their sensors when trying to clean them. Mirrorless cameras seem to collect sensor dust much faster, requiring them to be cleaned more often. See my guide on cleaning mirrorless sensors.

2. Hybrid OVF

Like the FujiX100T. The EVF in the A7 is really nice but when shooting high contrast studio scenes or astrophotography you really need that optical view finder. Using a hybrid system like seen in the Fuji cameras would solve this problem instantly.

3. Dual Card Slots

Was talking to a photographer just yesterday that was on a backpacking trip for two weeks. Lost a card. Luckily he had a Canon 5Dmkiii with a dual card SD backup otherwise he would have lost two weeks of photos. Dual card slots are a must for pros.

4. Improved Weather Sealing

– Let’s face it. The current e-mount cameras weather sealing sucks. I would go as far to say it’s not even dust sealed. Go to southern Utah when it’s windy for a few days and you’ll know what I’m talking about. All your dials will start grinding with dust and sand that’s made its way into the small cracks. 

– The mount can’t even keep out light which means dust and water will also likely slip between the cracks.

Sony needs to strip apart a Canon 7Dmkii to see how it’s done. Give us that Sony!

5. 14 Bit Raw

I don’t think a lot of people really need this, and 75MB RAW files will probably get annoying for many, but the Nikon D810 is doing it with the Sony sensor, so Sony should too.

If They Make A Video Focused FE Camera It Needs

– 4k 200Mb/s to compete with the GH4.

– 10bit recording

– Drastic improvements to the Rolling Shutter issues.

We could list more but they obviously can’t get too crazy with a mirrorless dslr style video camera as it will compete too much with their video cameras. 


This all new pro E-mount camera rumor sounds very promising. I think 2015 will be just as exciting as 2014 was for us Sony shooters. We’ll likely see a lot more great lenses and a lot of new and improved cameras that are priced perfectly to compete with Canon and Nikon. We just need a little quality bump and cameras that don’t fall apart on us when we take to the road.

I’ve been so impressed with my A7r despite the build quality that I’ll likely pick up whatever this pro E-mount camera is just because I know Sony will do it right.

Sony is great about listening to their users and giving them what they want / need. You can be assured these next generation Pro mirrorless e-mount cameras will be amazing and might just be a nail in the coffin for the prosumer Canon market if Canon doesn’t do something quick. Which I think they will.


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