A Day With The Sony A7r And The Cutest Little Girl In Japan

While in Japan I always get caught up in some lifestyle family photography, sometimes it's weddings, sometimes it's children.

This time it was my wife's cousin's little niece. Kaho. And it was a lot of fun to really put the autofocus speed of the Sony A7r to the test. I think it passed. 

Sony A7r Auto Focus Speeds

The Sony A7r is not crazy fast like the A6000, but it's fast enough. Faster than my old 5Dmkii, but that's not saying much. You can see my complete review with more sample images here.

Photographing children in action is one of the most difficult to shoot. Anyone with children can testify to this. They just don't stop moving for more than a second which makes it incredibly difficult for a slow autofocusing camera.

The Sony Zeiss Sonnar 35mm Banding Issue

I love the Zeiss 35mm lens but I can't get past the banding it adds to the clear blue skies. I'm not positive it's the lens in this case but am pretty sure since it's a known problem which you can read about here at my Zeiss 35mm lens review.

The Depth Of Field

I almost always like to shoot open with this camera and lens set up. It just produces beautiful images. 

I was a little shallow on my focus on this shot but for blog images you can't hardly tell.

My next test is even better. I did some shooting in The Owl Cafe of Fukuoka which I'll be posting very soon. 


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