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Just got the iPhone5s and was immediately impressed by the new camera. The images are just so much more crisp and vibrant than my previous iPhone4. I guess it's a new Sony Sensor that's a bit larger than the previous. The lens also is a bit faster and there is a bit more Dynamic Range. My first impressions are this thing is great. 

This might just be my new snapshot camera. I usually always walk around with my 5Dmkii and the 40mm f2.8 pancake lens. Which I'll be honest, is 1000% better than the iPhone when it comes to clarity, sharpness, low light, dynamic range, ability to shoot raw, etc. But, for these types of snap shot photos, I'm usually just uploading them to Facebook or Google+ where people will look at it most likely on their phones or in a small window. In that case, the quality difference becomes almost negligible. 

The photos taken by this little phone really are amazing. Reminds me of my DSLR back in 2003. A Canon Ti, I think it was. It was also 8 megapixels. So maybe in another 10 years the iPhone will look as good as a Canon 70D. I'm hoping Apple or someone will one day allow us to shoot RAW with these mobile phones. That would be a serious game changer and would allow images to look great, even when viewed full screen on a 30" monitor.

I'll be posting more photos as I go, I just got to NJ today and will be hanging out in New York the next few days. As well as a complete review over at my other blog, SLRHQ.

iPhone 5s – Above The Earth

Above The Earth iPhone 5s


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