Adobe CC 2014 Update, What You Need To Know

Adobe CC 2014 Update SummaryThe new update Adobe CC is pretty awesome, there are a million new things going on under the hood but here is a quick sum up of the good stuff.

1. Video Editing

This one is most important to me since I do it everyday. I've switched to Premiere CC and it's awesome.

With 2014 they enhanced all the dynamic linking, meaning, going back and forth between Speed Grade and Premiere without having to render.

They've added tracking and better masks in Premiere. 

Another thing which won't matter for another 15 years, is all the native 4k and 6k editing they've implemented mix and matching different footage and file types. New GPU accelerations updates as well as more graphics cards supported.

2. Photo Editing

They've updated a few new tools for photographers.

Great New Blur Tools – Spin Blurs and Path Blurs, to better emulate motion blur.

Better Content Aware Fill – Better content aware fill tools. This should help you blend object laying over a gradient sky.

New Depth Of Field Mask – This allows you to mask out only areas that are in focus. This is really powerful as long as it works well. I've yet to test it.

Perspective Warp – They showed off this feature a few months ago. But it's really cool. Reminds me of the perspective warp that everyone loved in PhaseOnes Capture One software.

Sync Lightroom To Lightroom Mobile Through The Cloud – This will sync smart previews to your mobile device even your phone. Now you can tweak some of your photos on the run and it will sync back to your editing machine.

3. Design

Smart Object Linking and Layer Comps – Photoshop works a little like After Effects now. Smart Object linking and Layer Comps. Meaning, all images don't have to be embed into your PSD file, they can live independently on your harddrive just like After Effects. I've been wishing Photoshop could do this for years now.

Better 3D In Photoshop – More control and rendering in Photoshop.

Creative Cloud market – You can get access to 'stock whatever you want.'

3D Printing – Work with 3D printing models and print to 3D printers.

Photoshop will look for and load any missing font that might be in a project.

4. Web

Bunch of new web function with Muse helping you instantly create websites with mobile support. But come on, just use wordpress. 🙂

But who knows, maybe Muse will be the next big thing we all move to for our websites. 

Dreamweaver got something cool, you can edit directly in live view. Finally. Thank you.


I'm super pumped, this is the coolest release I think Adobe has had yet. They've really created this master ecosystem between all the software. It's very exciting.


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