An Epic and a Sunset

It's only fitting to shoot an Epic sunset an Epic camera. Nights like these are rare in Los Angeles. I was part of another shoot that wrapped at 11:00am. But we hung out until sunset while we still had the location hoping to get a dramatic sunset. Glad we waited. 

I took this photo with my Canon 5Dmkii right behind the Red Epic. I was able to get everything exposed by shooting 5 exposures -+2EV with the Magic Lantern firmware hack. It really helps expand your cameras HDR capabilities. To process my HDR photos I always use Photomatix. Then I'll do a bit of cleanup and some color in Photoshop (mainly sharpening and dust removal). And then I do all my final color in Lightroom. This is partly because I have so many awesome Lightroom Presets. It just makes it easier and quicker. Check those out. I think you'll really like them if you're into Lightroom.

Today's HDR Photo – An Epic and a Sunset

Epic And A Sunset. Epic Sunset in Los Angeles. The camera in the foreground is the Red Epic. It was an amazing and rare night in Los Angeles. I'm glad I brought along my 5D to get some stills as well.


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