Arizona Sunset

Those following this blog may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much as usual. There are a few reasons, one I’ve been too busy with work. The second is I’m working on a lot more of the backend of this site. Doing this like Tutorials, walkthroughs, and various products along with link juice sculpting, content delivery networks and all that fun back end seo blog stuff that makes Google happy. You may have noticed all sorts of formatting errors and as well as the site running slow or being in maintenance mode. Continue to expect that this next week or so since I’ll be doing a major theme overhaul over the next few days.

I’m still designing a new look. I threw this one up as temp that I quickly designed on a bored Saturday when I had nothing else to do. I really like the color palette but it’s far to similar to stuckincustoms even though it was my themes default. But that’s ok. I’ll have something very cool soon. Hopefully. Time to put my design skills to the test.

Here is a photo for today. I actually have a lot more finished and I’ll try to get them up this week when I can.

Today’s Photo


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