Autumn in Japan

It's Autumn in Japan and that means some awesome landscapes. This is from Southern Japan on the Gokase-Gawa River just coming out of the Takachiho Gorge.  It's not a super easy place to get to. I was probably the only white dude there the whole day. Which is probably why you see the two girls on the boat taking a picture of me. Well either that or the Takachiho Gorge right behind me. Probably me though.  đź™‚

I haven't been shooting too many HDR photos lately. I'm kind of finding in many situations it's just not necessary. Even when I shoot three shots bracketed I'll still often end up just picking one of the raws and pulling up the exposure I need. The Canon 5dmkii does such a good job at shooting a very high dynamic range. I think it has a range somewhere around seven usable stops, which is quite a bit. For instance, in this photo the sky was just sort of overcast anyway and shooting HDR wouldn't have helped this situation since it was just a giant white softbox. So I just let it glow and let the light rays come in as it look naturally. Then there was nothing I needed in the shadows so I just let them be dark. Then a thousand tweaks and filters and effects later, I came out with this photo. A beautiful photo capturing the Autumn in Japan at the Gokase-Gawa River. It's actually sort of the reverse angle looking out of the Takachiho Gorge where on a very rare and special day, if you're lucky, you'll see a 6'3" red headed white dude rowing a boat. Just like what the two Japanese girls taking the photos saw from their row boat in this photo. What an epic day! 


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