Bali Hotel

This is a photo of one of our hotels in Bali. The Indonesia style is pretty cool. It's kind of a blend of the South Pacific look rooted in Hindu culture. The thing I miss the most now that I'm back are the Geckos. I actually have a sad story about a Gecko.

While my wife and her friend were at the spa I was bored and doing what little photography I could around the hotel in the pouring rain. When I stopped to sit at one point I heard this "SPLAT!" I look over and a gecko had fallen off the ceiling. Thinking he was dead, I got up to poke him a little bit like any guy would, but he wasn't dead, just stunned. As I got closer he came to his senses and ran for safety and climbed half way up the hotel check-in desk. Then out of nowhere, from under my feet ran out a wild cat who jumped up and pulled him down. With zero hesitation the cat stuffed the poor defenseless slightly stunned gecko in its mouth, folding his body in half as he took his first few bites and swallowed. It all happened all so fast, yet it felt like it was in slow motion. Poor Gecko, it was traumatizing.

I learned something from this incident. When a cat is starving it doesn't play with it's food. It just eats it.

Today's HDR Photo

Bali HotelThis was one of hotels I stayed at while in Bali. You wouldn't know it but it was pouring rain when I took this. It was a pretty nice place, we were surrounded by rice fields and the walls were covered with Geckos.


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