Bali Post Cremation Ceremony


I usually don't post this sort of stuff but I saw this posted on Canon Rumors website.

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Check out the post on Canon Rumors Website.


While in Bali my entourage and I were hanging out in a coffee shop having some beer and coffee. The whole coffee shop was open to the outside world so you could see everything that was going on. We also had a great view of this shrine. We were sitting about five feet from where this photo was taken, which my wife took this time. My feet hurt to bad to get up after the miles of hiking we did in our sandals. She's a little trooper though. 

Off in the distance we were hearing drums and bells marching towards us. It eventually walked past the coffee shop and up into the shrine. We asked one of the women that worked there what was going on. She told us it was a post cremation ceremony. It's basically part of the Hindu Death Ritual which are many and confusing. I'm not really sure what exactly was going on but it was a nice cultural experience and made a great photo. 

This photo was taken in Bali of some local Indonesians performing a post cremation ceremony which is part of the Hindu Death Ritual.


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