Beaches of Bali

One of the things I didn't do in Bali was go surfing. Although Bali is known for its epic waves, this trip was more about photography. I am after all trying to make it a career. There will be plenty of time to play later.

It doesn't look like it but you can actually surf where I took this photo. There is a small spot just in the foreground and another spot right behind me. It looks treacherous but it is possible, as long as you know what you're doing. 

Today's Photo

Beaches of BaliOne thing I didn't do in Bali was surf. It was more about photography this trip. Bali is known for some of the best waves in the world so I'll have to surf next time. People actually surf here where I took this photo. There is a break right in the foreground and also one right behind me. Not a lot of room but still a ridable wave.See this photo at


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