Beneath The Huntington Beach Pier

This photo is taken beneath the Huntington Beach Pier. Last night the wife and I were planning on going to Newport Beach but good lord, the traffic was insane. There was absolutely nowhere to park. I've never seen any beach in all of Southern California like this in my entire life. And I use to live in Del Mar where it gets crazy during the fair, or even the horse racing season. It was like that.

After driving around for an hour we drove up north and stopped at Huntington. Which is still a super cool little beach city. We actually just missed the NSSA surfing championships. They were going on this week. I think it ends tomorrow. It was one of those days where the clouds looked like they were going to make an amazing sunset, but they a total blanket rolled in and greyed out everything. Which is fine. I had my 9 stop ND filter which is really really nice for beach photography. 

Beneath The Huntington Beach Pier

Beneath The Huntington Beach Pier. Long Exposure photo beneath the Huntington Beach Pier in California.


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