Best Accessories For The Samsung NX1


Samsung NX1 Accessories & Gear

Best Accessories For The Samsung NX1

The Samsung NX1 caught everyone off guard when it was released and is now considered to be one of the best mirrorless APS-C cameras on the market. As with any new camera like this, it often takes awhile for 3rd party accessory manufacturers to catch on. This page is dedicated to the accessories that I’ve found for the Samsung NX1. I’ll keep it updated as it becomes more popular. 


Screen Protectors For The Samsung NX1

Screen protectors are one of the most important accessories to help preserve the life of your camera. I’ve damaged my screen before and it’s never fun. Samsung makes one of the best screen I’ve seen on a camera, but I’m not sure if they are using Gorilla Glass or not. Just to be safe, I would use a screen protector.

This is the only screen protector I’ve been able to find that looks promising.

ITG Screen Protector for the NX1 – (Amazon)



Best Batteries For The Samsung NX1

There are not a lot of 3rd party batteries available yet for the Samsung NX1 but there is one brand, SSE, that’s making a two pack that’s been well received. I personally just like to buy the actually batteries from the camera manufacturer because you’ll always know what your getting.

Samsung ED-BP1900/US NX1 Battery – (Amazon)

SSE NX1 Batteries 2-Pack – (Amazon)

Samsung Battery Charger For BP1900 – (Amazon)



Best SD Memory Cards For The Samsung NX1

When I did my Samsung NX1 memory cards speed comparison,  the firmware for UHS-II cards was not available yet, so these tests will not reflect that.

When shooting with this camera, I didn’t notice any slowdown from using UHS-I cards, so UHS-II cards will not really give you any real world benefit that you’ll notice unless you’re looking for faster transfer speeds from your card to your computer.


Best SD Memory Cards

Kingston 64GB SDXC Class 10 / U3 – (Amazon)

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB Class 10 / U3 – (Amazon)


Best Bang For The Buck

Samsung 64GB SDXC Class10 / U1 – (Amazon)

Transcend 64GB SDXC Class 10 / U1 – (Amazon)

PNY 64GB SDXC Class 10 / U1 – (Amazon)



Grips & Half Cases

Samsung ED-VGNX01/US Vertical Battery Grip – (Amazon)

I haven’t found any half cases yet. Still waiting on Gariz.



Samsung NX1 Flashes

ED-SEF580A/US SEF580 Flash for NX Cameras – (Amazon)



Samsung NX1 Lens

If you’re looking for lenses for the Samsung NX1 I’ve compiled a list of all the available lenses that you can get right now. I’ll do my best to keep this updated. 

You can see the full Samsung NX Lens List here.



Popular Straps

Regular Straps

C-Loop Strap With Black C-Loop – (Amazon)

C-Loop – (Amazon)

C-Loop Mini – (Amazon)

Black Rapid also has pretty good camera straps with nice quick releases. 

Black Rapid RS-7 – (Amazon)

Black Rapid RS10SC – (Amazon)


Leather Straps

I’ll have a full review on several of these straps very soon. I’ve been collecting them all to do a comparison.

Gariz Genuine Leather Camera Strap – (Amazon)

LeicaTime Straps – (

Tap & Dye – (

Hard Graft – (

Gordy’s – (Horizontal) (Vertical) (Sling)



Cleaning Supplies

There are a few cleaning supplies every photographer should get. Just throw away those cleaning kits that come with those bundles and get these three items instead. 

99% of the time when you’re sensor is dirty you can use the Rocket Air to clean it. If not, then the sensor brush works fantastic.

Having fresh Micro Fiber cleaning cloths is like having a fresh pair of socks, and I love buying them in packs. They’ll eventually get oil on them and stop being effected, so it’s always nice to pull out a fresh one. Just never use them on your sensor.

Rocket Air Medium – (Amazon) I personally don’t know how photographers could live without one of these.

Micro Fiber Cloths 6 Pack – (Amazon) These come in handy. I’m always needing them.

Sensor Brush – (Amazon) This is a very delicate way of cleaning your sensor. Sometimes the Rocket Air will not get the dust off and you’ll need to brush pieces of dust off very carefully. Just make sure you never touch the brush and keep it very clean and stored away.



Cases and Bags

This is a list of a few cases I use, or have tried. 

Mirrorless Mover 10 – (Amazon)

Mirrorless Mover 20 – (Amazon)

The Lowepro goes on sale for some great prices sometimes. So keep an Eye on them. I’ve had two over the years and absolutely love them as my every day take to work bag.

Lowepro Fast Pack 250 – (Amazon) This is a great backpack to carry some basic gear and a laptop. 

Lowepro Fast Pack 250 AW II – (Amazon

Ona – (Amazon) There are many designs so look around. I like the messenger bags.


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    May 9, 2017, 8:39 am  Reply

    Should I buy a Samsung NX1 now????

  • May 12, 2017, 5:24 pm  Reply

    No. I think Samsung is pulling out of the market. So they may stop offering support or making lenses. That’s the last I heard at least.

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