Brooklyn Bridge with the iPhone 5s

Wow, still loving the camera on this thing. I could see this being my fulltime walk around camera if only it had more megapixels. That's my one gripe. It's really great with colors, but needs more megapixels. I'm noticing it always shoots at f2.2 and varies the shutter. ISO usually ranging from 40-400. It's that f2.2 and the tiny sensor that's probably contributing to the images not being all that sharp. But nonetheless. Still a great camera. Probably still needs a few more years before it's truly a threat to consumer point and shoots and DSLRs. Canon and Nikon, you guys better hurry up and do something great for the consumer market. Sony, your lens camera is a joke. You can do better than that. Nice try though. 

iPhone 5s – Brooklyn Bridge


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