Business In Kirkland

I’ve been very busy lately and work has had me completely locked down and unable to go out and take photos. Which has not been fun. But it’s for this exact reason why the Fuji X100T is so great. Between the hotel and work I have been able to take some interesting shots around Kirkland and Seattle Washington. All why my Sony A7r was tucked safely away at home.

The Fuji X100T Experience

This time of year is really nice in the Seattle area. Leaves are changing, rains come and go and it’s not too cold. Great for some street photography.

It was raining on and off lightly but I wasn’t too concerned about the lack of weather sealing on the Fuji. It’s very very solid and doesn’t feel like water could get into it, but I still wouldn’t be taking too many chances

I’ve also been shooting more and more manual focus with the Fuji X100T. I love the speed of the autofocus but can’t quite get a handle on how or why it auto focuses the way it does. It seems to have a mind of its own despite setting it to spot focus, but this camera is all about the manual focus for me and for that, it’s awesome.

I’m looking forward to some free time next week when I can really put this new camera through its paces.




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