Call of the Wild from Bali Indonesia

This last week I've been in Bali and China. Haven't been able to do any post since I haven't had internet that was fast enough to load my webpage in under 5 minutes. But now I'm back proper civilization, Japan.

This little guy is from the Monkey Forest in Bali Indonesia. It's a pretty awesome place. These monkeys seem a little friendlier than the monkeys in another part of the island I encountered. It might be because these are sort of contained in a Monkey preserve where the other ones are more wild.

In general Bali is such a great place for photography, There is so much to do there I actually managed to sprain my foot from too much walking through crazy jungle forests without proper arch supports in my sandals. There were a few days were we literally walked all day only stopping to eat lunch. This was one of those days. I'm a desk job guy, not cut out for all this walking stuff.


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