Canon Announces This Thing! M15P-CL

Canon M15P-CLCanon Announces the M15P-CL. But why is every blog posting about it?

It's An Industrial Camera!

Is the video and camera industry really that boring right now that nobody has anything else to post about? There are plenty of cool things happening. 

It's an industrial camera for a very specific thing. Ultra low light, black and white high dynamic range imaging. What's next, are blogs going to start posting the industrial cameras that Canon makes to take pictures of the back of peoples eyes to check for glaucoma? My eye doctor uses the Canon CX-1 retinal camera. 

Did you know that Nikon makes Sniper Scopes? And that Canon makes flat panel X-ray detectors.

Did you know they make cameras in a pill that you swallow to image your small intestines? They take 30, 2 megapixel images every second to check for cancer and other intestinal problems?

Anyway, rant is over. Have a good day. 


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