Canon Releases A New X Series Look Picture Profile

Canon has released a new X Series Look for your camera picture profile.

It's a new picture profile which decreases contrast, sharpness and saturation. It's designed to help you with color grading in post by preserving as much detail and dynamic range as possible. These profiles won't really help you if you're a photographer shooting raw. They are nice for shooting Video and photographers shooting Jpeg. 

You can find the profile on Canon's website. I haven't tested this out yet but will soon. 

I currently use the Cinestyle Profile by Technicolor which is what most people have been using for the last few years. You can check that out on Technicolors Website.

I personally wouldn't shoot video seriously without one of these profiles. However, because the image is so flat, it will make it a bit tricker to focus and find your perfect exposure when looking in live view.

The other option which I use to use before I had the Cinestyle Profile was to shoot on the default Neutral Profile and turn Saturation, Sharpness, and Contrast all the way down. This also works well.


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