Canon’s new T4i – The best summary ever

Canon’s new T4i – The best summary ever

Canon this week announced a new T4i. You might be saying “so what?” or “what it do?”

So far we’ve got the 5dmkiii for serious prosumer videographer and filmmakers with the Digic 5 processor. It’s great in low light, now shoots 720p60,  a higher data rate and takes care of most of the aliasing and moiré problems.

Then there’s the 7d which would be the cheaper alternative for normal people that don’t want to pay the absurd price for the mkiii.
At the bottom of the totem pole are the T series camera bodies. These are essentially the little sisters to the 7d. They are smaller, lighter, constructed with a little less quality but. . . cheaper.

These cameras will give you close to the same quality as the 7d which is mainly due to the dual processors in the 7d. I’ve also noticed they over heat slightly quicker, probably due to the smaller bodies.

So now Canon releases the T4i.


Canon really got it right for the consumer market with this.

The T4i also called the 650D is PERFECT for the starting film student that’s not sure what he/she really wants to do with his/her filmmaking aspirations but will need a video camera or be stuck using crappy school gear. Plus as part of most film school curriculums he/she will probably need to take some photography classes. Two birds, one stone!

I had several photography classes in film school. I had some Rebel camera that shot film, and an Xl1 that was close to 10 grand at the time. Yep, expensive to go to film school back 10 years ago.  Plus I had to walk to school both ways, uphill, in the snow.

The T4i is perfect for the dad, mom or simple folk who want just a nice camera that takes pretty photos that’s not an iphone, but also shoots good video.

Here is why:

-It has a fold out articulating touch screen. This is great for filming around Disneyland and the touch screen really makes you feel like you have some magical control over your camera. Consumers love it. It’s proven.

-New Art Bold Effects and Painter Effects. This makes the camera still fun even after you’ve given up your aspirations of every trying to become a great photographer or cinematographer. Dads and Moms around the world are really going to love these effects when they’re filming little Jimmy at his first T-ball game. They really will.

-Digic 5 processor. Faster processors always help. It helps with our low light situations. Great for consumers that aren’t really comfortable using a flash, and it’s great for that film student that’s still learning how to light. Plus it’s actually just awesome. I’m not sure how it compares up against the 5Dmkiii. I’m assuming it a stop or two away, like the 7D was to the 5Dmkii. I have yet to see tests.

-This new processor also allows for several other fun features like built in HDR bracketing. This works like the iphone where it takes bracketed photos and combines the different exposures in camera to produce one high dynamic range photo. And now with your fancy touch screen you can do a little editing and photo manipulation in camera.

-Live auto focus in video mode with Canons new STM lenses. Canon has only released two lenses so far that do this. And they are not available yet. The 40mm f2.8 and the 18mm-135mm IS which will be the kit lens.  This means while your recording probably with your awesome Painter Effects turned on, the camera will constantly and smoothly focus without interruption. This is a first for a Canon DSLR and great for consumers. Pro’s don’t use autofocus in video.

To sum it up, this is really the perfect toy for grown ups. It’s got all these little trinkets and gadgets to play with even if you are not good at photography or videography. It’s fun to use, lightweight and takes really really really good quality photos and videos. And if you wanted to, you could pair this thing up with that new 40mm f2.8 or any of Canon’s other nice lenses and there would really be no reason why you couldn’t take professional quality photos with it.

Lastly, if you are a professional photographer and you got money falling out of your pockets. These things make great lens caps.

Here it is on Amazon if you want to see more about it:  Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Lens

Be sure to check it out on Canon’s website. They have some nice information and samples of what it can do.


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