Canon’s Rumored Roadmap

Canon Rumor Roadmap

The last 12 months have been very exciting in the camera world. Sony has surprised us with its A7 camera systems including the amazing A7s which has been outperforming the 5Dmkiii in video.

Panasonic has surprised us with the Gh4, another video beast and Nikon has has an update to the D800 coming out soon that will give a 1 stop boost to ISO performance among a few other things. 

So What's Canon Done?


People think this is bad, but personally, I don't think Canon really needed to do anything. Let everyone lay their cards out on the table and then just keep being number one.

However, a lot of people have left Canon. I personally have a Sony A7r and have loved it. Although it's no Canon, the thing is falling apart after only 7 months.

What The Future Looks Like For Canon

Canon has lost a lot of customers to the Sony systems. I myself and many many photographers have made the switch and Canon will have to win us back.

Here is what's going on in the Canon rumor world. 

1Dx Mk2 Rumor

There should be an update to the 1Dx early next year, and possibly an announcement late this year. According to (NR). We'll likely just see a few overall improvements.

5D Mk4 Rumor

There has also been mention of a new 5Dmk4 later this year. Their camera is already nearly perfect in my opinion. I imagine will see small improvements to put it back in class with the Sony sensors. Meaning improved ISO performance and even better focusing. Hopefully more color depth and dynamic range as well. But that's never been Canon's game.

7D MkII Rumor

This camera has been in testings and rumored for years. The original camera is nearly an antique now and I'm surprised they haven't updated it yet. But I do understand why.

Canon has been trying to open up its cameras and sensor into a whole new world of technology. Simply a 7D with the 70D sensor wouldn't cut it, and it's probably why Canon hasn't released it. The 7DmkII needs to be amazing and that 70D sensor with it's very small pixel pitch would probably create a lot of diffraction problems for the pros using it. Just my guess.

The 7DmkII needs to be the true little brother to the 1Dx mkII and we should expect it to be a true all around performance monster with excellent video capabilities.

Supposedly it will have some sort of new evolutionary technology according to (cr).

Canon's High Megapixel Camera

I've been hearing rumors and talks of people testing a high megapixel camera for nearly 3 years now. It always comes up with the same numbers, something around 55 megapixels.

Maybe the 5dmk4 will have a bump in megapixels to put it back in class with the D800E and A7r, but I've heard nothing about this. Everything I always hear is that it's going to be a different camera all together.

Why More Megapixels Don't Always Mean Better

Last month I did a post all about diffraction and I did several tests and I learned something very interesting — The more megapixels you have, the smaller the pixels, the smaller the pixels the more diffraction.

Meaning, a Nikon D800 is going to lose quality in its lenses a lot sooner at high f stops than a Canon 5Dmkiii. If you're shooting f16 on a D800 you're going to see diffraction. You won't on a 5Dmkiii. At those high f stops the cameras will roughly have the same quality of resolution because of the physics of light coming through the lens. You'll have to scale down a D800 images to match the quality of that of a 5Dmkiii at f19. Read more about diffraction here.

This is why I believe Canon has been keeping it's megapixel count right in that sweet spot. I would still like to see a high MP camera from Canon with no High Pass Filter. People want it. And the images are so sharp especially when shooting in a lenses sweet spot. Canon would win back a lot of people with a camera like this.

Canon Lenses

Canon has really been doing a great job at updating all its lenses. This year was suppose to be the year of the lens according to Canon and so far they haven't let us down.

I've always felt that Canon was holding off on a high MP camera so they could update their lenses first. They needed better lenses to handle the smaller pixels pitch on a full frame sensor. And they've done that. So if Canon does come out with a high megapixel camera, this would be a good time.

Canon And Mirrorless

This one baffles me. Canon is not taking the plunge into this technology and the photography community can see it a mile away. Canon just needs to do a full all in cannonball into the deep end with this technology and stop dipping their toes in it. Just go for it like Sony did.

They really need to jump on the trend of making that mirrorless sort of 1980's body style mirrorless camera. Everyone is doing it and everyone loves them. The A7 is awesome, the Olympus OMD is awesome, the Fuji X100s is amazing and Canon has nothing cool like that.

The thing is, Canon doesn't even have to work hard at making a cool design. They already did it back in the 1976 with the AE-1. Upgrade that body with all the new technology and you got an awesome camera. I'd buy it.