Must Have Accessories For The Fujifilm X-A3

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The new X-A3 got some much wanted and needed upgrades over the X-A2 that it’s now a very competitive camera with a lot of amazing features. It has a new sensor, the option for a electronic and mechanical shutter, a tilt / selfie screen for the Vlogger or selfie enthusiasts  and a new body, rendering a much more versatile and user friendly camera.

With an all new design that means we’ll get all new accessories. This guide will help you to find the best accessories for you Fujifilm X-A3.

X-Pro 2 Kaza Deluxe Case Review

Kaza Deluxe makes some of my favorite leather cases and their leather half case for the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is no exception. These cases are simply awesome and are without a doubt the best bang for the buck considering everything that you get.

I’ve been using this case and the Kaza strap on my X-Pro 2 and couldn’t be happier. The cases are handmade so by no means are they perfect. Shipping also takes some time since they come from Hong Kong.

Fujifilm Kaza Deluxe

Must Have Accessories For The Fujifilm X70

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The Fujifilm X70 has become a little gem of a camera that deserves its place along side the X100T. It’s a beautiful camera and great to accessorize. I’ve compiled a list of all the best accessories I use on my cameras that also work great for the X70.

Kaza Deluxe X100T Leather Case Review

In my hunt for great accessories for the X100T I think I found my favorite case for the price. The Kaza combo set leather case.

For the photographer that wants to add a classic feel to their camera with a genuine leather case without spending a fortune on a Luigi case, the Kaza leather case does it. It’s has a great handmade feel made from Italian cow leather. It doesn’t feel as bulky or as crafty as the Luigi case but does feel really good in the hand. I might like it more than the Luigi case, especially since it’s a fraction of the price.

Kaza X100T Combo Set –

Sigma’s MC-11 EF to E-Mount Adapter – Just What We Needed

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Sigma announces a new MC-11 Canon EF or Sigma Lens adapter for the Sony E-Mount. This works for both Full Frame and APS-C Sony cameras.

The new adapter is priced between the Metabones adapter and the Fotodiox adapter at $249.00. This might just be the product and the company that forces Metabones to lower their prices. A win for everyone!

Best Accessories For The Fuji X-Pro2

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Like the X100T the Fujifilm X-Pro2 has been setup to be very customizable. Accessories like thumb grips and soft shutters that don’t typically work well on DLSR style cameras work great on these rangefinder style cameras.

Although most third party accessory companies haven’t started modeling their designs to fit this camera yet, there still are some staples that will work great and I’ll start there.

J.B. Camera Grip-Case Review – Fuji X100T

I’ve been collecting various cases for my various cameras over the years and I stumbled upon this one. The J.B. Camera Grip-Case Pro for the Fujifilm X100T.

I actually like really like the out-of-the-box thinking with their product design and this grip case for the X100 series is no exception. It’s a very cool concept and a well designed case but it does comes with few flaws.

Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap Review

The strap features a metal ring slider that allows it to quickly adjust to your wrist for a secure fit.

I’ve been excited to get this review up because I think it’s a really cool strap that people will really like. I’ll be adding it to all my accessory lists as a strap I can highly recommend. Check out the full review.

Best Accessories For The Sony RX10 II | RX10 III | RX10 IV

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The Sony RX10 II is a great little camera that does a little bit of everything very well. With it’s fixed lens, there isn’t a whole lot you need to worry about in terms sensor cleaning and third party lens mounts, but there are a few items you should serious consider picking up to preserve the life of your camera and avoid unwanted wear and tear.

But first let’s go over some basic gear.

Hard Graft Box Camera Bag – New Atelier Style!

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The popular Box Camera Bag from Hard Graft is now available in the Atelier style.

Like many of the Hard Graft camera products, the Box Camera Bag is made of Italian wool felt and Tuscan vegetable tan leather.