Strap Reviews

Hard Graft Slide Camera Wrist Strap Review

The strap features a metal ring slider that allows it to quickly adjust to your wrist for a secure fit.

I’ve been excited to get this review up because I think it’s a really cool strap that people will really like. I’ll be adding it to all my accessory lists as a strap I can highly recommend. Check out the full review.

Hard Graft Re-Process – My New Favorite Strap

My new favorite strap.

If you’re like me and addicted handmade leather camera straps, the Hard Graft Re-Process Camera strap should not be overlooked.

When I first unpacked it I was not expecting the level of quality and care that this strap is made with. Handmade in Italy with genuine Tuscany leather and a German / Italian wool lining. It looks great and smells amazing.