I've been working on a series of Black & White photos from my last trip out to Death Valley. It's been a bit time consuming. I shot a lot of them at f22 and f19, and at that aperture you can see every bit of dust and debris on the sensor and lens.

It sometimes takes me as much as an hour to clean up the dust on each shot. I usually shot my landscapes at around an f16 since I'm told quality and resolution of a lens drops off when you get to those higher numbers. But I haven't yet seen any loss in quality, but if it means sharper images then I'm more than happy to remove dust for an hour.

Speaking of sharper images, I'm still using my old 5Dmkii. I've yet to have a reason to upgrade. I do really want a camera and sensor that is sharper and everyone is raving about the Fuji X100s, it's said to be the best digital camera on the market right now. It looks temping and I have a friend who owns it. It really is an amazing camera all around, but, I just want more megapixels. I'm hoping Sony can do something cool with some sort of NEX full frame system this year. And there is a rumor that Canon is interested in acquiring Hasselblad who makes Full Frame cameras. So next year could be a very interesting time in the world of digital photography and I think there will be a lot of really unique and interesting choices of digital cameras. I'm excited to see what comes. 

Curves – Death Valley, California

Taken in Death Valley at the Mesquite Dunes. Same place R2D2 and C3PO were stranded in the original Star Wars. This photo was actually shot at f/16. I haven't been able to tell the difference between f/16 and f/19 yet as far as sharpness. Next time I go out I think I'll do a side by side. 

Curves This is an interesting shot of the Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley. The various colors in the sand creates some really unique patterns and designs along the ridges. It was a very new and challenging experience shooting here.


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