Dday’s latest John Carpenter-esk short: Jack Plissken – Little Escape from Big China

Jack Plissken – Little Escape from Big China.

Jack Plissken makes his last mistake in this John Carpenter tribute when he brings a child’s toy to a mans fight. 

This one turned out a lot better than we expected.  Have to be honest. 
I think what really made it have that awesome 80’s feel was the music and sound for sure. This was the first time I using Logic to edit and mix the sound and have to say, it’s awesome. The program has so many more and better tools than FCP, I don’t know how I ever managed without it. 
Even the quality of the sound turned out awesome and all we used to record was the on board H4N mics, which usually suck compared to a good shotgun. 
And of course our composer Jeremiah Saint was awesome as always. 
We plan on doing a few more films in this John Carpenter 80’s style so if you have any great idea’s leave a comment. Otherwise, thanks for watching. 


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