Exploring Malibu – Samsung NX1

Over the years Malibu has been one of my go-to spots to test new cameras and gear. It’s quiet, no crowds, no photographers and has some of the most relaxing beaches in Los Angeles.

The setup I used for these photos was the Samsung NX1 with the 12-24mm lens. It’s a pretty fun combo to use. The lens feels a little cheap, but the quality of the image it produces is surprisingly good. The only draw back is the fluctuating aperture when zooming. And it’s a very slow lens.

I started off bracketing some of the landscape shots but the weather wasn’t giving me anything interesting so I reverted to my home brewed B&W presets. Except for the last shot. That’s the Fuji Velvia look from VSCO.


Malibu California – Samsung NX1

Exploring Malibu California with the Samsung NX1

Bench Warmer in Malibu California

Malibu Beach California

Malibu Beach California

Malibu With the Samsung NX1


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