Fall in Iwakuni Japan

Japan in Fall is unlike anything I've seen here in California. We don't really have seasons in Southern California. Just warm with occational hot, and cool with occational cold. And it will rain a few times a year in Los Angeles. When I lived in Colorado for a few years we only had Winter; snow and cold, then Fall, which was not as cold, sort of blended into a pathetic summer which sometimes got almost warm with a lot of rain. Japans really the first place I've spent a lot of time that actually has all four seasons. It makes for some awesome photography. Everytime I've been there it's been a different season so everything looks different. 

This is an HDR photo I took outside of Hiroshima near Iwakuni. It's a maple tree forest known for it's beautiful fall colors. Everything was bright orange and yellow, this photo does not do it justice. 


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