FInally Made It To A Baseball Game In Japan

How Exciting Are Baseball Games In Japan?

Finally made it to a Fukuoka Hawks games. After visiting three times I've always wanted to go and never had a chance until now. And so much fun are they.

However, baseball games in Japan are very different. But in a good way. . . I think.

Softbank Hawks Stadium

The Food

Never seen people eating ramen and noodles at a baseball game until now. But at least they still had hotdogs and beer. And this little awesome Japanese drink called Chu-hi.

The Crowd

The games are also a lot more loud and a bit more fun than an American baseball game. In my opinion.

I really can't think of anything more boring than going to a Padres game. But the Fukuoka Hawks game was the opposite. Reminds me more of a hockey or basketball game.

Lot's more cheering, chanting, noise making. Super fun. And the hawks won.

The Players

Not sure how skilled they are compared to the Major League, but I couldn't see much of a difference like you can when watching college basketball or football.

I imagine a good Japan baseball team could beat a bad Major League team. And they have a few Americans here and there. I think the Hawks have a South Korean and a good ol southern boy for their pitchers. At least I think so from his accent at the end game speech.

The Photo

Some Lightroom with a bit of Photoshop sprinkled on top.

This was shot on my Sony A7r with the metabones and Canon 16-35mm adapter. Things are getting flakey now with my adapter and camera combo. Autofocus works on and off, and I'm getting these power cut out issues which I think or from the Metabones pulling too many volts from the battery or something. It's even happening on my Sony Batteries. It use to only happen on my Wasabi batteries.

It's mostly cutting out when I shoot burst shots or HDR in continuous shooting mode. Haven't had a problem yet with my Zeiss lens. 

When I get to the bottom of it, I'll update my Sony A7r review to keep everyone informed. Because it's a pain in the ass.

Fukuoka Hawks Softbank Stadium in Japan


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