First Mistakes – Fujifilm X-T2

Kalina Computer Time - XT2
I’m not even going to post the EXIF data since it’s too embarrassing


So as what happens whenever you get a new camera, you make mistakes until you really learn how to use it.

This was my first mistake with the Fujifilm X-T2 . . .


It’s not a huge mistake but almost messed up some nice little moments my daughter was having while she was editing some photos for me – she’s 13 months btw.


Kalina Computer Time - XT2


It pretty much starts and ends with the lock on the ISO dial. I had the ISO set to auto like I always do when I’m casually shooting, but the lock was not engaged. It turns out the ISO dial is actually really easy to move when it’s not locked and I must have accidentally bumped it, setting it to ISO 10,000.


Kalina Computer Time - XT2


When I first looked at the EXIF data I was like “oh ISO 1,000 not a big deal.” Nope, ISO 10,000. 

Not the end of the world since it only contributes to the faded grainy film look I’m going for here. And as a blog that reviews and talks about cameras and accessories, it builds a pretty good case for how good the Fujifilm X-T2 does in extreme ISO situations.



For these shots I added a little bit of noise reduction, then also some grain back on top. I lost a lot of sharpness from the digital grain that ISO 10,000 contributed, then a little noise reduction sort of smoothed it out. But, the photos still work when processed with the hipster effect.

Ultimately it was a pretty bad mistake but I’m still happy with the way these photos turned out. They have their own unique lo-fi quality to them that is actually playing into the effect.


For more X-T2 fun, check out my Fujifilm X-T2 Review. I’ll continue to add good stuff there and I’m still building a nice list of accessories here.


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