First Print With The Sony A7r – Ventura Sun

My wife and I drove up the coast from Los Angeles to Ventura to do some beach scouting for shooting when the weather is a bit more interesting. We landed at the Venture Beach Pier. The sunset that day was very unique. Although we had clear skies, the sun casted this amazing orange glow over everything. It was unusual for a cloudless sunset.

Landscape Photography With The Sony A7r

I am blown away at how sharp the Sony A7r sensor is and the resolution coming off of its sensor is fantastic. I don't feel so guilty about cropping anymore. And surprisingly, this is also a single exposure. I was able to lift the shadows of the pier and get a great sun exposure in a single photo. I use to have to work so hard to get great results out of my 5Dmkii, now, it feels like i'm cheating. It will be fun to see how Canon responds to this camera. I'm seeing more and more rumors about them developing high megapixel cameras. And it's about time. Nobody builds em quite like Canon!

Samyang 14mm f2.8 And The Metabones Adapter

If you're wondering how the Metabones Adapter works with the Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens. As you can see it works perfect. It creates a very sharp image from edge to edge with almost no issues other than the mustache distortion which I corrected with Lightroom Lens Profiles. My only issues with the Metabones is it's been working on and off with my other lenses. 

Today's Photo – Ventura Sun

Ventura SunA clear sunset at the Ventura Beach Pier.


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