Fuji X100T Lensmate Thumbrest In Stock!

Fuji X100T Thumbrest Black

The long awaited Fuji X100T Thumbrest from Lensmate is now available. These are probably the highest quality, best built thumbrests out there. If you’re in the market for one, this is it. 


Fuji X100T Thumbrest Silver $59.95 – (Amazon)

Fuji X100T Thumbrest Black $59.95 – (Amazon)


Lensmate X100T Thumbrest Features

The Thumbrests are machined from a single piece of 6061 aluminum, bead blasted for texture and anodized for color. 

The Integrated Silicone inserts helps provide additional grip, and a separate silicone insert on the hot shoe tab keeps the rest secure. 


Fuji X100T Thumbrest Sample Images

Lensmate Thumbrest Silver

Fuji X100T Thumbrest Silver

Lensmate Thumbrest Black

Fuji X100T Thumbrest Black

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