Fukuoka City Rush & What’s Coming Up

The other day I accidently posted this image as part of my Fujinon 56mm f1.2 Review. I’ve been actually working on two reviews simultaneously and this photo was for my Fujinon 10-24mm f4 Review.

Anyway, still working on my Fujinon 10-24mm f4 review. It’s a bit more complicated and takes a lot longer since it is a zoom lens. There are a lot of settings I’m still experimenting with on the Fuji X-T1 and I’m learning a lot about this camera.

For example the camera automatically corrects for some diffraction. It’s called Lens Modulation Optimization. 

A Little On “Lens Modulation Optimization”

Fujifilm has a formula they use designed specifically for each lens to sort of work around some of the diffraction limits and the airy disk phenomena that happens at higher apertures. It’s really quite brilliant but I want to explore how this feature works a little in my next lens review.

A Little On “Shoot Without Lens”

The X-T1 also corrects for some lens aberrations automatically as well. It looks like there is a setting to turn this off. Fujifilm has designed their cameras to work with third party lenses with a feature called Shoot Without Lens On / Off. It allows you to manually input the focal length of whatever lens you are using as well as program in some controls to correct for some of the lens flaw like distortion.

I believe turning this “on” also turns off any in camera lens corrections on Fujinon lenses, but I’m still testing this as well and I could be wrong here. It would be nice to see how some of these Fujinon lenses perform with all the Fujifilm magic turned off.

As you can imagine it’s very difficult to do this on vacation so it will be another week or two before I really get into this. Then I’ll likely drop some more cash on some more lenses depending on how well these reviews perform. Which already the Fujinon 56mm review is getting a lot of traffic so it’s looking good.

I’m still on the fence about exploring Leica lenses on the Fuji X-T1. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, but I’m not sure if enough people even care about this to justify the expense. Is anyone even using Leica lenses on their Fuji?


Fukuoka City Rush – Shot With Fuji X-T1

You don’t see this a lot with street photography but I actually used a tripod with a slow shutter for this shot. I know street photographers like to be as incognito as possible, but these streets were so hectic nobody was really paying attention to me and if they were it was because I’m a 6’3″ redhead in Japan, not because I had a camera or two. 🙂

I shot this JPEG, I believe I used Velvia and added extra VSCO on top. I forget the film stock but I’ve been liking Kodak Ektar a lot lately.

The lens I used was the Fujinon 11-24mm f4 lens. I was all the way zoomed in at 24mm which gives you about a 36mm view in the full frame equivalent. Perfect for street photography.

Fukuoka City Street Photography

Camera Used: Fuji X-T1
Lens Used: Fujinon 10-24mm @ 24mm
ISO 200, f8, 1.9sec


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