Get Ready For Some Okinawa Photography

This is my first time to Okinawa and it really is a magical place. It's Japan's Hawaii but different in it's own way. I keep thinking I'm in Hawaii or Bali until I have to deal with the reality that nobody speaks English.

I should be able to get some great shots for the few days I'm here, but it's suppose to rain the entire time so we'll see.

My Wife And I In Okinawa

If you ever do shots like this with your camera on a tripod with a ten second timer, I recommend doing it with the three shot burst. That way when someone blinks you'll still have a good take.

Kouri Island Bridge Portrait

Kouri Island Bridge Of Okinawa Japan

Shot with the Sony A7r and the Canon 16-35mm.

The Kouri Island Bridge was our first stop after arriving. We only had a few hours of sunlight so my wife and I headed north to get what shots we could before it got dark. 

This was also my first time actually driving in Japan. Which means driving on the wrong side of the road with the steering wheel on the other side.

There is so much muscle memory associated with driving and you don't realize it until everything gets flipped on you. For example, the turn signal indicator being on the right side of the steering wheel instead of the left. I can't tell you have many times I accidently turned on my windshield wipers because of this. 

Landscape Photography of Kouri Island Bridge Of Okinawa Japan

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