Google Slashes Prices for Nik Photo Software

If you remember, last September Google bought Nik Software, the creator of Nik Color Efex Pro and the popular HDR software Nik HDR Efex Pro. Recently Google has slashed the prices of the entire bundle. You can now order it for $149 instead of $499.

This is actually a really incredible deal especially for people just getting into photography and who are looking for really pro graded stuff. I personally use Lightroom and Photomatix for my HDR and those two programs just by themselves are around $100 each. So now you can have the ability to process HDR, all the filters of Color Efex Pro,  the very popular Black and White photography Editing software Silver Efex Pro and a great sharpener, Sharpener Pro 3, for under $150.00 There are a few other programs with the bundle as well. 

Here is the deal on there website: Nik Collection

I really like Nik Color Efex Pro and use it constantly in conjunction with all my other programs. Be sure to check out my Nik Color Efex Pro Review. I haven't tried their other software yet but now that it's so cheap I might just have to try out the whole bundle. This is exciting.

Now only if Adobe would slash its prices!

Sample Photo Edited with Nik Color Efex Pro

Photo Edited with Nik Color Efex Pro


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