Holy, Zeiss Compact Lens $23,900!

The new Zeiss compact zoom 15-30mm lens is an astonishing $23,000. I think this is the most I’ve ever seen a lens like this go for. It’s just bananas. I would be scared to even own this lens. Imagine walking around with a $23,900 lens attached to your camera. You would be so stressed out.

On the flip side, it is a Cine zoom so it’s designed for cinematographers. I guess if you have $300,000,000 to make Spiderman 12, and you need a compact zoom to attach to a stunt man or something. Then $23,000 really isn’t all that much.

You should read the whole Zeiss press release here.

If you ever wonder how to tell if a lens is a Cine lens or not you can look at the f-stop. Cine lenses use T-stops which a measurement of how much light is passing through the lens. An f-stop is geometry, so an f/2.8 on a Canon, could actually be 1 stop brighter than an f-stop on a Nikon.


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