Into the Sun

If you've noticed by browsing around my site you see I shoot a lot of travel photography. I don't try to be a travel blog but inevitably that seems to be what's happening. The reason for this is because I work a lot at my day job. It's usually a 10 hour day but for only ten months out of the year. So during the two months when I'm off I try to get as far away from L.A. as possible. Not because I hate L.A. but just because I want to see other places. So as I develop my photography and continue to learn and grow with the craft I end up with a lot of strange photos from all over the world.

When I have free time around town I like to take photos that are more of my interest. More often than not it's beach photography. I grew up with the beach so it just seems right.

This photo is from the Venice Beach Pier. This is where I've been surfing since I moved up to L.A. six years ago. It's not the best surf spot but I know how to find free parking and it's never crowded. And now I love shooting there too. I got a few more nice ones from this location I'll post soon.

Into the Sun at the Venice Beach Pier

Into The SunThis photo is a long exposure of the Venice Beach Pier during sunset. I love the Venice beach pier because nobody is ever around. Makes shooting there comfortable and easy. This is also my local surf spot. It's not the best wave but usually there aren't many people out. The waves were actually really good when I took this. I was kind of wishing I went surfing instead of shooting. But now I'm glad I shot instead.Check out more of my Beach Photography


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