Iriomote Rice Fields

The view while driving through Iriomote island in Okinawa Japan is pretty amazing.

in this shot the rains let up for a few minutes allowing us to pull over and grab a few shots here and there.

Something I never noticed and quickly learned, at a lot of these rice fields the farmers will have these canons or guns or something set up to fire and scare off the birds and animals. And holy crap is it loud. We were way to close to the blast when I took this photo.

Imagine, pulling over to this peaceful tranquil scene just enjoying nature only to have a Canon go off fifty yards away nearly blowing out your eardrums.

Iriomote Rice Fields – Okinawa Japan


Getting Over HDR

I’ve been a huge fan of that sort of retro slightly faded look lately. It’s a really nice break from HDR photography which to me feels like is over done by everyone now. I’m kind of sick of seeing overly saturated badly done HDR photos all the time. So I’ve lately been drawn to the complete opposite.

I’ve even ordered the Fuji X100T camera to shoot more street style on the fly photography.

I’ll probably end up doing and HDR version of this photo as well when I get over being over HDR. 🙂

Here’s a question for you. Is it possible to shoot street photography if you live in the Jungle?

There is definitely a certain style of capturing a day in the life of an area that street photography offers. But does it have to be in the city?


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