Japan Day #2 -Tokyo Street Photography

I took over 500 photos on Day #2 in Tokyo so I'll be only sharing the highlights in this post.

This was my second time visiting Tokyo, and my experience this time was amazing. Nearly everything worked out / turned out perfectly.

The Tsukiji Fish Market

My hotel was only a few blocks from the Tsukiji Fish Market. The largest fish market in Japan. Unfortunately to see the fish auction you have to get there at 3:30am and wait in line. They only allow 60 people in at a time so there is no guarantee you'll even be able to get in. So I passed on that this time.

The jet lag plus no sleep already was bad enough.

To start the day we ate sushi bowls made with fish that had probably only been dead a few minutes. It was amazing.

Tsukiji Fish Market Sushi Bowl

Once we finished eating we wandered around the market to see everyone wrapping up from the mornings work. Pretty interesting place.

The Life of The Tsukiji Fish Market

All shot with the Sony A7r with the Zeiss 35mm lens.

The Smoker

A true master of his craft. 

The Master

Oyster man.

Oyster Man

In Japan carrying a Swiss army knife is illegal. But these things are ok. 


An assortment.


The dried goods.

Tsukiji Market Fish Market Dried Goods

Eating Whale (Kujira)

I know this is just wrong, but with the new ban making whale hunting illegal this was probably one of my last chances to try whale. I've never done it before as I'm not a big fan of eating mammals who's populations are in a limited supply.

What Does Whale Taste Like?

It was kind of like eating chicken, but it was off. If someone handed it to me and I didn't know it was whale, I would think, "Man, this chicken tastes weird." It was not delicious.

Tsukiji Fish Market Whale

Eating Kujira

Took A Boat Through The Sumida River

The Kiddos.


This pretty much sums up how we all felt.

Asleep in the Sumida River

Cherry blossom lined the Sumida River. Pretty unreal.

Cherry Blossoms line the Sumida River

The Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This time in Japan, I got my cherry popped with the Japanese cherry blossom experience. It's pretty amazing. Just everywhere and it's often raining petals.

Cherry Blossom Skies

Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Sky Tree

Fun Around Tokyo

I'll likely continue to add to this section as the days go on. But for now this is all I can do.

Waking around Tokyo was a lot more mellow this time around. Last time I was there was during some festival and you could barely move it was so crowded. This time was a bit more manageable. Went just about everywhere in one day. Even went to the nerd center Akihabara and had a drink at a maid cafe. Very interesting, to say the least.

A Few Crosswalk Photos

These are always fun to shoot.

KFC Crosswalk

Old Couple

That Way!


The Aging Japanese Population

They aren't kidding when they say 40% of the Japanese are old people. 🙂

40% Old People

Mochi Ball Lady

These things were delicious.

Mochi Lady

Day 3 is a travel day. Not much going on. Then Kyoto! I did however learn on the flight to Osaka that Japanese flight attendants are actually robots. I'll post day 3 soon.


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