Japan Day #3 – Travel Day

Day 3 in Japan was mainly a travel day. Went from Tokyo to Osaka, then a bus to Kyoto to our apartment for the week. Nearly missed the airplane. Had to subway hop three times carrying way too much luggage. 

Goodbye Business Hotel

I'll miss this little hotel. Business class hotels are very small. This photo doesn't do it justice but this was the bathroom.

My Neighborhood In Kyoto For The Week

Pretty cool little neighborhood. Very quiet and relaxing.

We're all staying in these apartments.

Fun Night Below The Tracks

This was taken below the train tracks. Where the Shinkansen and Rail cross near the station.

Day 4 will be a big one. A lot of photos to go through from Kyoto. Over 500, possibly my new record. I literally had to make myself stop taking photos because I knew I would be out of control to go through and sort them all out. 


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