Japanese Edo Era Achitecture

This is from the Miyajima Island off the coast of Hiroshima Japan. All the architecture is kept to the Edo Era Japanese style. The building in this shot very old. You can see how there are no nails, just masterful engineering. You can read a little more about Miyajima (or Shrine Island) here: https://alikgriffin.com/blog/jul/26/miyajima-temple-japan

To process this photo I used a few gradient color filters and some split tones in Lightroom 4. Then adjusted some brightness and contrast and a few color adjustments. I sat on this photo for the longest time not knowing what to do to it. It wasn't a very nice day outside, there was fog everywhere and it was lightly raining. While touching up some other photos I stumbled across this cool look. So I copied and pasted those settings on this photo. After tweaking a few things it ended up a bit more interesting. 

Japanese Photography Edo Era Slit Tone Miyajima


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