Kanmonkyo Bridge Japan

The Kanmonkyo bridge connects Kyushu Island to the main island of Japan. Like the Golden Gate bridge this bridge is also a toll road. Actually almost all the main highways in Japan are tolls so going on road trips can get expensive. 

Nothing too fancy about the processing of this photo. I used my usual HDR techniques to process it. I did a little bit more clean up work in Photoshop this time and it seems to make a difference. I find the noise reduction tools in Photoshop work a little better than the one in Lightroom. On my really messy images I'll use Topaz Denoise, but for this photo, Lightroom noise reduction before tonemapping and Photoshop noise reduction after seems to do the trick. With of course the Highpass filter. 

Today's HDR Photo

Kanmonkyo Bridge, JapanThe bridge connecting the main island of Japan to the southern Island.


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