KassemG Venice Shoot

Check out the latest KassemG Exclusive Interview on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/partnersproject
Kassem is a pretty funny and cool guy and in my opinion one of the more talented Youtubers out there.
A couple viewers were asking what we shot this on so here it is.
We used the Canon 5D mkII, the 24-70mm 2.4L series lens, A UV filter and a Polarizer filter (which is key for shooting exteriors in the middle of the day)
Shot 24p I think an ISO of 200 1/48 shutter, and f8. Can’t fully remember.
I used canons default picture profile, and highlight priority turned on.
Color correct by Christian Bretz with Magic bullet.
Believe it or not he uses Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and After Effects for all his fx.
Why Premiere you might ask?  Well for one he’s a PC guy, and two Premiere Pro is much faster than Final Cut when dealing with DSLR footage because of it’s GPU acceleration.


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